This is occurring as merchants shift their POS strategies toward a consumer-first approach via solutions that employ app integration, the convergence of fixed position terminals with mobility, features based on interactions/touchpoints, self-service, and loyalty expansion. “There is ample opportunity remaining,” continues Sealy. “New use cases, functionalities, and the extension of POS volumes per store will drive growth over the next five years.” ABI Research finds mPOS vendors, including Clover and Square, are already moving up the value chain via their respective smart POS solutions. Meanwhile, Tier One hardware suppliers like Ingenico, PAX Technology, and Verifone are extending product portfolios, moving in the opposite direction to better challenge in the lower tiered merchant category. “Competition is clearly going to increase in both the traditional and mPOS device categories,” concludes Sealy. “Those vendors that can offer compelling, reliable, feature-rich solutions with next-generation functionalities at suitable, tiered price points will be those that win out.” These findings are from ABI Research’s POS & mPOS Devices market data ( ). About ABI Research ABI Research stands at the forefront of technology market research, providing business leaders with comprehensive research and consulting services to help them implement informed, transformative technology decisions. Founded more than 25 years ago, the company’s global team of senior and long-tenured analysts delivers deep market data forecasts, analyses, and teardown services. ABI Research is an industry pioneer, proactively uncovering ground-breaking business cycles and publishing research 18 to 36 months in advance of other organizations.

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