The former NBA star has fought a Chinese sportswear maker since 2012 over the name “Qiaodan” the transliteration of “Jordan” in Mandarin. Qiaodan Sports had registered the trademark under which it was selling its own shoes and sportswear. Jordan had previously argued unsuccessfully that Qiaodan Sports had used his Chinese name, his old jersey number 23 and basketball player logo to make it look like he was associated with their brand. The Supreme People’s Court on Thursday announced that it was overturning two rulings by Beijing courts against Jordan. AstraZeneca cuts about 700 jobs DOVER, Del. (AP) British-based pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca says it is eliminating about 700 jobs in its U.S. commercial business. The company said Thursday that the cuts affect about 120 people at its U.S. headquarters in Delaware.

Business loans may help translate your potential in tangible success. are designed for most financing needs. How does a Business Loan Help? The entire process uses many types of equipment assets that are common to businesses for collateral and up to 80% of the value of the equipment may be obtained. Every successful businessman will teach to take advantage of every opportunity life throws at you. To improve your chances of success, it’s important to have a clear idea of the costs involved to help your business stay afloat during the initial phase. Using Cash Flow Small Business Loan Program When businesses are looking for additional cash flow, due to the economy there are limited ways to make this happen. This program is very popular for business owners that are unable to receive funding. Sometimes the money that is borrowed may cost a little more than the normal route of borrowing but in the long ladder the business owner can receive great return on investment of the initial amount borrowed and in many cases the extra money allows the owner to relax mentally due to the fact that their cash flow is taken care of. You might want to be upfront and open about your financial history. A lending officer will be able to update you on the current rates of interest in the market, the types of business loans available and the best lenders to deal with You can try approaching credit unions and community banks; they are more likely to approve small loans If you face a rejection from the lender, try to find out the reason behind the rejection.

Use the loan money to really spread the word about a company, invest in new and exciting products, and to really promote the company to new customers around the area. Instead, think about buying yourself some time so that you can make it through this hard time. While banks do have a preference for large loans they make more profit, there are several organizations including the SBA Small Business Administration along with other lending institutions like credit unions, micro-financing units etc who will be happy to lend you the money. Every advantage that you have over a competitor will help you as a business owner to bring in the cash flow you need to make your business successful. One good way to do this is through alternative funding. It’s important to be able to view the transaction from the lender’s perspective. It does not matter if you have borrowed credit even several times as long as your credit report reflects that you have managed to plug all your loans within the stipulated time period.