Attorney in fact: This term refers to an agency relationship, wherein one person holds a power of attorney allowing him to execute legal documents on behalf of another and make binding decisions. Lenders also check your current track record, so it becomes important to plan out your liabilities. In this context they are devising financial aids that are tailored to the customer requirements of such background. This may happen due to a number of reasons. Because of interest rates for commercial loans the credit history, lenders will always be looking at higher security. A check is a negotiable instrument that instructs the bank to pay a particular amount of money from the writer’s bank, to the receiver of the check. AC is the abbreviation of the banking term automated clearing house. Banking facilitates monetary and fiscal policies that affect business and also the customers of the business. It is a very wide term that is used in context with financial agreements and contracts.

Arbitrage free is a type of financial model that generates market structures that exclude scenarios generated by the arbitrage transactions and dealings. arbitrageur is an independent and individual broker who deals in arbitrage. The term ‘closing’ from ledger books where the two accounts are ‘closed down’, i.e., both debit and credit sides become equal. This is mostly used to denote the date on which your credit card payment or any check or any sort of payment is due. How do your pamphlets, newsletters, postcards, brochures, website, ads, and even your business card appear? Price risk: The risk associated with the lowering of a product or security prices in the future. The high rate of interest is a compensation for the risk assumed, since risk and reward should be comparable to make good business sense. Financial leverage ratios: The ratio of the debt owed by a business to the equity held by the shareholders of the organization is known as the financial leverage ratios. In most cases, it is charged as a percentage to the cash advance. While marketing in the real world takes time to reach people, on-line/internet marketing is something that must top the list of loan officer marketing ideas. A bank which is chartered by the federal government and is a member of the Federal Reserve System by default, is called a national bank.