As a Democrat, representing District 16 in the House, he believes the upcoming session will be tough, as Republicans hold a supermajority. Im hoping we have defined how small government needs to be because government helps our citizens, said Rep. Holland, D-Plantersville. Holland says he will fight for public education and he doesnt believe the current formula needs an overhaul. The state formula takes care of school kids, no matter what their birth right, or extent of poverty through this formula. The only problem I know of we have with this formula is we need to fund it and were all guilty , democrats had the stage for the first twelve years of this formula, we funded it twice, Rep. Holland said. On the other side of the political aisle, Republican Chad McMahan is preparing for his second session. McMahan represents District 6 in the State Senate. He says education funding is also at the top of his priorities.

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